Saturday, 22 August 2009

Driving electrical vehicles in The Netherlands

Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” mentions that the consumers who choose to drive an electricity driven vehicle, do not have pay (additional) taxes on their vehicles. This counts for the first two years and the years after that it will be 7 per cent. The normal percentage in The Netherlands for an environmental-friendly car is 14 per cent.

The measurement will be announced later this year, as say well-informed sources from the car sector. Purchasing an elecrical car will remain tax-free untill 2018.

The aim of the new financial plans is to encourage manufacturers to produce electricity driven vehicles, there these type of cars are cleaner, more silent and environmental-friendly.

“De Telegraaf”

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Looking for a biological restaurant in The Netherlands?

The Dutch newspaper Trouw published an overview of the Biological Restaurants that you can visit in The Netherlands. So do you live in The Netherlands or are you planning a visit to The Netherlands and are you looking for a biological restaurant nearby your place of residence, take a look at the website of Trouw.

The Green Store: A greener choice

When you are interested in living greener, we would like to refer to the website The Green Store. This store is an Eco Online Store, with a wide range of environmental friendly products. With these green products you can help to reduce the impact on the planet. The assortment of eco-friendly products is changing rapidly, there the market is introducing more and more green products.
At the website you can also find various tips and tricks of how to live greener, varying from eco office tips, general eco tips up to information on palm oil.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

KLM Airlines generates electricity from garbage rests

Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” mentions today that The Dutch Airlines company KLM will generate electricity by using the garbage rests of the meals that come out of the planes. The daily quantity of 50.000 plates of rest garbage appear to be the ideal source for creating new energy.

Next year at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol there will start a test where the plastic couvert, cups and meal rests will be transformed into electricity and warmth. With the generated electricity the suitcases will be transported into the planes. The obtained CO2 will be used as plant nutrition in the greenhouses nearby the airport.

The traditional problem for the airline companies is that the garbage rests from the flights cannot leave the airport area due to the strict security rules. With this new green test they try to find a solution to improve the environment.

Source: De Telegraaf

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Pizza Fusion, a “Fresh, Organic, and Earth Friendly” Pizza place

The American Pizza Fusion is one of the leading US pizza chains looking at the environmental-friendly measurements this company takes.
The environmental mission of this pizza company is to create a sustainable future through the preservation and improvement of the environment with all aspects of their operations and existence. They strive to improve the social, economical and environmental well being of the world through:
- The support of sustainable business by seeking out environmentally conscious vendors and suppliers to partner with
- Environmental eduction to raise awareness for more sustainable approaches to living and business
- Educating the general public on the importance of sustainable living through ecological community service, consumer education and environmental mentoring
- Lobbying for political action to support a more sustainable future
- The support of organic agriculture
- The continuous evaluation of the ecological impact in their processes to reduce their nvironmental footprint.
Some of the measurements they take are the:
- at home delivery of the products with hybrid cars
- discounts for clients who return their pizza boxes
- using eco-friendly materials
- printing their in-store graphics on a banner material made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles and printed using non-VOC inks
- Building their restaurants according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards set forth by the United States Green Building Council by utilizing a variety of unique energy efficient tactics and eco-friendly products

Friday, 14 August 2009

Emission free distibution center of TNT Real Estate opened in Veenendaal (The Netherlands)

Under the name “Planet Me” the TNT Post is working constantly to further sustainability in their business. This varies from the change of motors in their vans up to the construction or renovation of their distribution centers.

In 2008 the organization placed in Veenendaal “ the most sustainable warehouse of The Netherlands”. This distribution center measures 1.500 square meters (300 sqm offices) and is constructed resulting into an emission free building. All the aspects of the building: design, architecture, materials and the construction methods were realized with the focus on sustainability and energy savings.

The total electricity consumption of 55.000 kWh is completely covered by sustainable energy sources at this location. The builder DGBC-participant VolkersWessels (designer and constructor) had the task to reduce the energy consumption as much as possible. This means good isolation, triple glass and smart ventilation. For the lighthing the day light is used as much as possible. The cooling and refrigeration of the building with subtarrenean warmth and cooling storage. On the roof there are placed several sun panels. When there is no sun, TNT consumes green energy of the electricity network.
A surplus of energy is returned to the energy network when for example the sun panels generate more energy than needed.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Day of Sustainability in The Netherlands 09-09-09

The Netherlands celebrates its “Day of The Sustainability”, Wednesday the 9th of September 2009. At 09-09-09 there are a lot of sustainable activities organized in the whole country, at different locations.

The Netherlands shows the greenest and most social side: big companies and small businesses present their green products, social organizations organize promotions and governments show their effort in promotiong electric cars, scooters and electric recharge points. There are congresses with the theme sustainability, schools participate with several activities and many more actions are done during this sustainable day.

A team of the initiator Urgenda visits, together with several Famous Dutch People, per train and with a total of 99 electrical vehicles several proyects. Urgenda is an organization which target is to promote the sustainability in The Netherlands. Dutch companies, governments, organizations or schools (and even consumers) who want to participate or want to have more information can take a look at their website.

This can be recycling of products, the start of a green campaign, a press release or congress or discounts for green products.

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