Thursday, 13 August 2009

Day of Sustainability in The Netherlands 09-09-09

The Netherlands celebrates its “Day of The Sustainability”, Wednesday the 9th of September 2009. At 09-09-09 there are a lot of sustainable activities organized in the whole country, at different locations.

The Netherlands shows the greenest and most social side: big companies and small businesses present their green products, social organizations organize promotions and governments show their effort in promotiong electric cars, scooters and electric recharge points. There are congresses with the theme sustainability, schools participate with several activities and many more actions are done during this sustainable day.

A team of the initiator Urgenda visits, together with several Famous Dutch People, per train and with a total of 99 electrical vehicles several proyects. Urgenda is an organization which target is to promote the sustainability in The Netherlands. Dutch companies, governments, organizations or schools (and even consumers) who want to participate or want to have more information can take a look at their website.

This can be recycling of products, the start of a green campaign, a press release or congress or discounts for green products.


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