Monday, 13 July 2009

Asda Supermarket introduces environmental friendly beef product

As one of the first UK supermarkets, Asda has achieved an environmentally friendly product in its low carbon beef. Having made efforts to establish and lower the level Co2 emission of its dairy bulls, the store is now offering beef that emits a third less carbon than the standard twenty-four month cattle. The chain has produced the industry's lowest carbon rate in meat produce.

This new method of supply won the Best Head Office Initiative Award at the 2009 Supermeat and Fish Awards in London last week. The supermarket chain, worked closely together with their suppliers, now rearing dairy bulls for 9-11 months in order to reduce the carbon measurement emitted from the dairy bull during its lifetime. The results are smaller and more manageable portions, a more positive impact on the environment, and a cheaper product for consumers.

Asda hopes that the operation can benefit their stores throughout the UK and that it results into a greener and cheaper product which benefits suppliers, retailers and consumers alike. The group hopes to extend this production process into dairy products like eggs.

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