Monday, 13 July 2009

The Retourette: Recycling point in Dutch supermarkets

Retourette is a collection point of all the small houshold garbage, batteries, paper, glas, carton, clothes, can, shoes and empty places can be delivered to the Retourette points. The customers can hand in everything at one point and it is all for free.

The new Retourette stores are developed in a way that it gives everybody a good feeling to think environmental friendly, the delivery point is an interactive way to learn how to think green, for young and old. Children get to know Ronnie the Rainbow Caterpillar. Ronnie learns the children what the effects and advantages are of recycling your garbage. Children see the importancy of thinking green.

Retourette is not only just a recycling point, it is also a sponsor of charity projects. 5% of the total turn-over of Retourette goes to charity projects to maintain and imprive our environment.

Below you can see some impressions of the new Retourette-shop in Aalst (The Netherlands), the Retourette is like other stores, located in a zone of supermarket or shopping mall.

WWW.JOSDEVRIES.EU your partner in green retail

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