Tuesday, 18 August 2009

KLM Airlines generates electricity from garbage rests

Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” mentions today that The Dutch Airlines company KLM will generate electricity by using the garbage rests of the meals that come out of the planes. The daily quantity of 50.000 plates of rest garbage appear to be the ideal source for creating new energy.

Next year at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol there will start a test where the plastic couvert, cups and meal rests will be transformed into electricity and warmth. With the generated electricity the suitcases will be transported into the planes. The obtained CO2 will be used as plant nutrition in the greenhouses nearby the airport.

The traditional problem for the airline companies is that the garbage rests from the flights cannot leave the airport area due to the strict security rules. With this new green test they try to find a solution to improve the environment.

Source: De Telegraaf

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