Monday, 13 July 2009

Delhaize Belgium launches ecological, multi-temperature truck

Delhaize Belgium launched a new ecological, multi-temperature truck to limite the impact on the environment and mobility. With 2 levels with differing temperatures this truck has more space inside, therefor less trucks are needed to transport the products to the supermarkets. Less trucks results into lower emission of CO2 and less trafic jams. In the strategy of sustainibility Delhaize also makes a lot of efforts in green retailing. The truck drivers were trained in “eco-proactive driving” to drive more ecological. In 2008 a new planning has been introduced, resulting into 40 trucks less, 2 million kilometers and a reduce in emission of CO2 with 21.000ton. The Ecotruck has now been launched to further lower the emission of CO2. The ecotruck will be used for the longer distances.

More products can be transported because of the 60% extra capacity. With 2 levels and different temperatures more product groups can be transported at once. The first results of this new eco-truck are very positive. Delhaize is now thinking of adding 3 new Eco-trucks to their car park.

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