Monday, 13 July 2009

Development of Dutch bio-shopping-mall

In the Dutch city Almere they are working and developing a new bio-shopping-mall. The design is foreseen of a green environmental-friendly roof-top. The green roof, let the shopping-mall integrate with the environment, it is also works as a water reservoir, isolation of heatness and coolness and as roof for the parking. It also it seems a parc. The idea is to integrate a greenhouse under the roof. In the shopping mall they can sell the produce of this greenhouse in a biological restaurant and supermarket.

The total area measures 2.500 sqm, everything built in an environmental friendly way, including a supermarket, biological restaurant, several stores and 28 appartments (selected for the image and sustainability).

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  1. A job well done! This is a beautiful piece. Trust me, the sky is your limit...

    Boom Lift


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