Friday, 17 July 2009

Wal-Mart Supermarkets to share the green impact of their products and services

The American supermarket giant, actual world leader in sales, wants to inform their client more on green retailing impact of their products and services. By better giving information about their products, the clients of Wal-Mart have more options to choose their preferred (green) supplier or products. To obtain this required information all the suppliers need to give an insight of the environmental effect and use of energy of their products.

In history this is the biggest impact on green retailing. The data obtained will result into a rating-system, which will be communicated on the shelves of the supermarkets.

The aim of this new environmental program is to reduce the use of energy, the reduce the level of garbage and to stimulate sustainability in retail. For the manufacturers and suppliers it has a big impact, they need to invest in obtaining the information. To better compete with their competitors and to obtain a better score on the Wal-Marts scorecard and the communication to the customers. To get the total plan operation it will take several years, the Wal-Mart concern expects everything to be ready in ten years. Experts think they can introduce it earlier, in 2011, supported by the wave of environmental measurements international retailers introduce.

An earlier measurement of Wal-Mart (the introduction of energy-efficient lamps in their assortment) had a positive effect on the environment, this green initiative already resulted into the sales of over 100 million energy-efficient lamps.

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