Sunday, 19 July 2009

Insight in the retail of the future: the importance of green retailing

The company Accenture did a research about how the retail industry would look like in the year 2020, what are the mayor technological, socio-demographic and business trends we can export in the future of retail. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, committed to delivering innovation.

In this research they recognize the environment to be one of the most important factor for today´s retailers. Before the retailers did not see that much the importance but consumer demands, regulations from the government and the effect of green organizations changed the world of retail.
Some of the leading retailers started the green revolution, seeking to obtain an environmental-friendly and sustainable business. Tesco for example wants to be recognized "a leader in helping to create a low-carbon economy.” Tesco for example introduced new transportation methods, invested in recycling centers and introduce to their consumers the level of carbon that every product contains and how much they can save purchasing a certain type of product.
Coop, one of the world’s largest grocery chain, is basing its product ranges on green propositions. In fact, working with products of Bio Suisse, 30 organic farming organizations and around 6.300 farms producing organic products in Switzerland.
Accenture asks itself in this report some questions about what will happen in the development in green retail, how will the environmental plan adapted into retail strategies? Premium payments for environmental-friendly products, more low-energy production, and the creation of new—higher—standards for ethical trading?
What do you think what will happen in green retail in the future months and years?

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