Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Green order and delivery system in retail sector

Mars Company in the Netherlands is testing a new initiative in logistics: Green order. The objective is to change the order behaviour to reduce the emission of CO2. The impact on the environment will be measured and communicated to the clients. When an order is placed the emission of CO2 will be mentioned at the delivery receipt, to see the effects of the order on the environment.

With Green Order Mars wants to support social responsability and improve the occupation grade of the delivery trucks. The project will be done together with transport company Kuehne + Nagel and the consultancy agency Capgemini.

Introducing the Green Order system they also hope to reduce the number of traffic jams and have lower costs because of a more efficient delivery system. The client will benefit by the more efficient receival of products. Clients will also get a “logistic customer scorecard”, where supplier and client can formulate their environment goals.

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