Monday, 13 July 2009

Retailtrends: biological products in the supermarket

Retailtrends from all over the world. This item appears monthly in the German magazine for food professionals Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel and Jos de Vries The Retail Company is responsable for the articles where the latest trends on the different topics are presented.

Just a small assortment and referral to these products are not sufficient anymore, biological products are “hot”. How do big retailers adapt to this trend? Below you can find some sales ideas which you find at some big European and Northern American retailers.
Supercoop (The Netherlands)
The Dutch supermarket chain Supercoop developed an own biological zone in their supermarket. Customers can find a wide range of biological and health products. The department is specially excitrated, support with communicative messages and special graphical materials. Everything focussed with special spot-lightning to bring full atention to this wide range of biological products.

Planet Organic (Ireland)
Who wants to sell biological products with success has to present it in an interesting manner and offer authentical products. The British chain Plant Organic succeeded at both points. This formula, with currently 4 stores, goes for the most exclusive quality (communicative supported with POS-material and the packaging) and for a wide range of organic products. The products are considered to be fresh, healthy and unique in the market.

Hediard (France)
Luxery products are also available in the assortment of biological products, this we see at the French supermarket chain Hediard. This formula is famous for the premium-quality of biological products, where the origen of the product and the quality check are the central points.

Whole Foods (United States)
The big American food retailer Whole Foods made a big change to biological and ecological products. In the 270 stores there is a wide range of fresh, biological produced fruits and vegetables. The products directly come from the field what guarantees the freshness and quality.

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