Monday, 13 July 2009

Spanish supermarket chain Condis focuses in green retailing by using electric delivery van

The Spanish supermarket chain Condis gives a new impuls to sustainabilty in retail. The last result is the introduction of the electric delivery van, delivering the internet orders at home. The initiative will be tested first in the region of Barcelona, but there are plans to adapt it also to the rest of the stores in Spain.

The new ecological delivery van reaches a maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour and has a reach of 160 kilometer with an availability of 2 tons of weigth. The recharge point is located at the central office in Montcada I Reixach (province of Barcelona), where the chain also placed 200 sun panels and biodiesel tank for the current vans.

At this moment the Condis Group posesses 20 delivery vans in the metropolitan area of Barcelona to deliver the internet orders at home. The new delivery van, being the first food distributor in Spain, will not be added to the current number of delivery vans but will replace the traditional ones. The big advantage of this new delivery van is that there is no emission of CO2, next to the lower costs in maintenance there the motor is more easy to repair.

Condis supermarkets are located in Catalonia and in the centre of Madrid, with 193 owned supermarkets and 224 franchisers. In 2008 the Condis Group made a turn-over of 762 million euros.

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